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Endorsed by NOW PAC

NOW PAC Endorsed Candidates

The National Organization for Women PAC (NOW PAC) and the Washington State National Organization for Women PAC endorse political candidates who are dedicated to NOW's mission to promote intersectional solutions to the issues faced by women and girls. This includes support for reproductive rights, racial justice, economic justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and ending violence against women.

Candidates who are running for election in Eastern Washington are indicated with an astersk (*).

Endorsed by the Washington State National Organization for Women PAC

Stanford, Derek 1 House 1 Democrat

Kloba, Shelley 1 House 2 Democrat

*Cummings, Ted 4 House Democrat

*Lewis, Jessa 6 Senate Democrat

*Hardy, Karen 7 Senate Democrat

*Jenn, Goulet 9 House Democrat

Tanisha, Harris 17 House Democrat

Dolin Laurie, 22 House 1 Democrat

Doglio, Beth 22 House 2 Democrat

Chapman, Mike 24 House 1 Democrat

Tharinger, Stephen 24 House 2 Democrat

FitzPatrick, Connie 26 House 1 Democrat

Stanford, Joy 26 House 2 Democrat

Jinkins, Laurie 27 House 1 Democrat

Leavitt, Mari 28 House 1 Democrat

Kilduff, Christine 28 House 2 Democrat

Orwall, Tina 33 House 1 Democrat

Saldaña, Rebecca 37 Senate Democrat

Vargas, Pinky 42 Senate Democrat

Dhingra, Manka 45 Senate Democrat

Patty, Kuderer 48 Senate Democrat

Stomier, Monica 49 House 2 Democrat

*Cronin, Dennis Spokane County Superior Court Position 10 Non-Partisan

*Smithson, Lynden Spokane Dist Ct Position 1 Non-Partisan

Endorsed by the National Organization for Women PAC

Larsen, Rick 2 US Congress Democrat

*Brown, Lisa 5 US Congress Democrat

Kilmer, Derek 6 US Congress Democrat

Jayapal, Pramila 7 US Congress Democrat

Hader Shannon 8 US Congress Democrat

Smith Adam 9 US Congress Democrat

Heck Denny 10 US Congress Democrat

Cantwell Maria US Senate Democrat

Are you a candidate running for election who would like to seek an endorsement from a NOW PAC? Information about NOW's Endorsement Process can be found at - Check it out.

Candidates in Washington may seek an endorsement from the National NOW PAC as well as the Washington State NOW PAC. Use the "Endorsement Questions" contact form at to get the process started.

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