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"Women's March was Just the Start"

Our Vice President Rebecca Long wrote an article sharing her story of the Women's March and how she came to be involved with NOW. While many of us have not been active in our community until very recently, events like the Spokane Womens+ #PERSISTENCE March offer clear paths for how to dive in.

Scroll down to read an excerpt from Rebecca's article...

"I’ve always been interested in politics. My dad was always interested in the topic, paid attention to the news, and was the favorite topic around the house growing up. I never did anything more than pay attention, sometimes more than others (college was distracting for some weird reason), and vote as soon as I turned 18. Then the 2016 elections came up and turned out the way they did. Everything changed. Now I needed to do more. But what? Like so many of my friends, I wondered what I could really do, how you really get involved to do anything that really makes any difference (after all, sometimes the system does feel a bit rigged… which is very disheartening)."


Rebecca Long is the Vice President of the Spokane Chapter of the National Organization for Women. A self-described feminist #geekgirl and advocate for #womenintech - Follow her writing on

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