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Feminist Philanthropy and the Season of Giving in the PNW

The Season of Giving, typically October through December, is that special time of year when organizations ramp up their fundraising efforts with extra mailers and #givingtuesday social media posts as well as special events and fundraisers. This is also when corporations make their end-of-year tax deductible donations.

Corporate donors certainly raise a lot of cash, but according to Giving USA, the largest source of charitable giving in 2016 came from individual donations at $281.86 billion, or 72% of total giving. Individual donors like you.

And what is my point, dear NOW member? As civically engaged feminists, we might take a moment to consider what kind of collective impact we can make with all of our individual giving choices!

In Washington state, we have a multitude of progressive, intersectional organizations that turn dollars into results. Obviously, your local chapter would be delighted to receive donations that might be used for event planning, supplies and other purposes. Member dues only go so far!

Here is a sample of five Washington-based organizations for your feminist philanthropist consideration:

  • Feminist Progress PAC - Support Progressive Young Women Running for Office in Washington State.

  • KYRS Thin Air Community Radio - Spokane-based listener supported radio with feminist programs like F Yes! And Queer Sounds.

  • Legal Voice - A progressive feminist organization using the power of the law to make change in the Northwest.

  • Planned Parenthood - The country’s leading sexual and reproductive healthcare provider.

  • Radical Women, Seattle Chapter - A radical voice within the feminist movement.

Be sure to check out the fundraisers and special events that each of these organizations is hosting the Fall and Winter. And if purchasing a pricey ticket to a fancy fundraiser is out of your budget, consider signing up to volunteer your time and talent.

As civically engaged feminists in the Inland Northwest community, our Fall calendar is simply bursting with opportunities to serve our most vulnerable neighbors, to preserve our environment, and to make our community a more just, sustainable and compassionate place to live.

With so many activities to choose from, where do we begin? Spokane Area NOW has you covered with this list of twelve upcoming fundraisers and service opportunities in Eastern Washington. And if you have time and talent to donate, register at and check out all of calls for volunteer support in the Inland Northwest. *Annette’s pro-tip: If you can’t afford the ticket prices for these big fundraisers and galas, check to see if you can volunteer at the event instead!

10/14 Spokane NAACP 98th Freedom Fund Banquet

10/21 The Pumpkin Ball

Benefitting Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital and Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery

10/26 Inland Northwest Conference for the Greater Good

Not a fundraiser, but this conference brings together nonprofits and organizers from the Inland Northwest and beyond.

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