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Empowering, Diverse, Intersectional

The vision of Spokane NOW's FEM+FEST Spokane Feminist Art Festival is to present visual arts, spoken word, live music and other entertainment that highlights empowering and diverse representations of feminism in the Inland Northwest, and speaks to the importance of intersectionality as the new feminist paradigm.  

This event is entirely volunteer organized. If you're interested in becoming a member of the volunteer team, complete the online volunteer registration form

Art! Poetry! Music!


Presented by

Spokane NOW + Spokane Public Library

with support from Spokane Arts

Returning in SPRING 2020 

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Art Submissions for FEM+FEST 2020 will open this Winter. Musicians, performers, art demonstrators, workshop facilitators and vendors are welcome to contact us directly during the current planning process.

Support FEM+FEST 

Support FemFest with a donation!  FemFest is entirely organized by volunteers, with major support from Spokane Area NOW. Learn more about our work in the Spokane community by visiting with us in person at our monthly social gatherings


The goals and mission of FemFest Spokane 2018, Spokane’s first feminist arts festival, are to present art, spoken word, live music and other entertainment that addresses the stigmatization of feminism, present positive, diverse representations of feminism, and speak to the importance of intersectionality as the new feminist paradigm.

Spokane Area NOW believes that to advance feminism as a socio-political movement, feminism de-stigmatization must occur first. We strive to be an intersectional feminist organization, and as such, to address our privilege and inherent bias, incorporate the perspectives of women and girls of color and the LGBT+ community in our actions, increase our diversity, and be an ally to racial justice organizations.

It is expected that this event will be staffed by 20 - 40 volunteers and will turnout 500+ attendees. 

The intended audience for FemFest Spokane 2018 includes those who already align themselves with feminism as well as those who feel alienated by, mistrustful of, and uncomfortable with feminism.
The intended outcome of FemFest Spokane 2018 is for attendees to experience positive interpretations of feminism related to any of the following philosophies:

- Feminism today is based on the philosophy of intersectionality, a framework that recognizes the multiple aspects of identity that enrich our lives and experiences and that compound and complicate oppressions and marginalizations (1)


- Feminism welcomes all races, classes, gender identities, sexual orientations, and religious, political, economic, cultural, and ideological backgrounds. It is not meant to be the domain of the white, middle class, able-bodied, heterosexual, cisgender, female.
Feminism supports questioning what we’ve been taught about forcing people into traditional roles and valuing some groups less than others.


- Feminism identifies discrimination, exploitation, and oppression — and not men — as the problem.


- Feminism acknowledges how patriarchy calls for men to dominate, abuse, exploit, and silence women and other marginalized groups to maintain superiority. 


- Feminism strives to end patriarchy due to the danger it poses to men as well as women.

Unique challenges for this event include:
Overcoming the stigmatization and de-legitimization of feminism
Convincing other marginalized groups that despite traditional feminism’s past failures to be an ally (to communities of color and the LGBT+ community in particular), that being an ally is a main focus of today’s feminist paradigm: intersectional feminism.


(1) Why Our Feminism Must Be Intersectional (And 3 Ways to Practice It), Jarune Uwujaren and Jamie Utt, EverydayFeminism, January 11, 2015. 


If you have questions for the FemFest organizers, fill out the form below or send us an email at or contact Spokane NOW directly at

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