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FEM+FEST 2019 Art Submission Form
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The Spokane Chapter of the National Organization for Women (Spokane NOW) is pleased to announce our open call for art for the 2019 FEM+FEST Spokane Feminist Art Festival, to take place onApril 27, 2019 from 6pm to 9pm at the Downtown Spokane Public Library.


Artists and performers of all mediums who self-identify as feminists, and who live or work in Eastern Washington and Idaho, are invited to submit their visual art, spoken word or live performance to the second annual FEM+FEST exhibition, which will take place at the third floor gallery and Community Lens stage at the Downtown Spokane Public Library. The final lineup of performers and visual artists will be selected by a jury of local arts professionals and Spokane NOW board members.  



Submission Guidelines

When submitting works for consideration in the FEM+FEST Festival, all artwork must be original (created by you, the submitter) and professionally presented. Images and accompanying information should be submitted electronically via the online submission form.

Submissions must include the following information in the online form:


- Contact Information: Artist name, address, phone number and email address.

- Artist Statement: A brief artist statement or description of artwork— up to 800 characters —must accompany the submission. There is additional space to respond to our optional prompt: “Feminism - What does it mean to you?”

- Images: Include up to three digital images of your artwork. Images must be submitted as individual JPG files.

- Image List: Images must be accompanied by a separate list which includes information about each work.

- For each image, the list must include:

1. The JPG file name

2. Title of the artwork

3. Year created (or approximate)

4. Medium

5. Dimensions of work

The deadline for entries is set for February 28, 2019.

Special Awards:

The jury may select certain entries for special recognition at the end of the performance lineup on the evening of the Festival. Award categories and prizes are decided by the jury and festival director.

Gallery Space: The Community Lens stage and gallery is located on the third floor of the Downtown Spokane Public Library at 906 W. Main Ave. Security: Normal precautions for the security of the exhibition will be exercised by the Downtown Spokane Public Library, but ultimate responsibility for the artworks is that of the artist/owner. The Library and the Festival are not responsible for damage or theft, and provide no insurance coverage for this purpose.


Contact the Festival:

Annette Farrell, Festival Director

707-992-5207   |   |


Art Jury Selection:

The Art Selection Jury is composed of representatives from Spokane NOW and the Spokane arts community.

Notification: Each artist will receive notification of the Jury’s decision before the second week of April 2019.

Waiver by Exhibitor Form: A checklist of all pieces on display must be completed and signed by the artist, and given to the Festival staff before the artwork is left at the Library.

Exhibition of Work:

Each piece must have an accompanying tag listing artist name, title of piece and medium. A price list, description of the artwork on display, and biographical information about the artist may be left at the library and made available to the public upon request. Materials may be sold at the artist’s/owner’s discretion, but the Library and the Festival will not be able to assist with any such transaction.


Each artist is responsible for dropping off and picking up their artworks as scheduled. If the library or festival staff have to dismantle artworks after the scheduled removal date, the Library and the Festival will not be responsible for any damage.

The Festival will provide some supplies; including tools, labels, signs and tape. The Library has special hooks/hangers for the walls. Any artworks that require special display or hanging apparatuses should provide their own hanging hardware, and assist the Festival volunteers with the final installation of the piece.

The majority of the artworks will be installed on Friday, April 26th in the Library’s third floor gallery. Once installed, the exhibition may be displayed for up to four weeks. The final exhibition schedule, with specific art drop-off and pick-up dates is still being negotiated with the Library. These details will be announced before festival acceptance notices are sent out in early April.


By agreeing to exhibit your work with FEM+FEST at the Downtown Spokane Public Library, the owner/artist agrees to allow the Festival and the Library the right to photograph items and use them for the purposes of promoting the exhibition, the Festival and the Library in general, giving appropriate credit to the owner/artist.

Any questions regarding submissions may be directed to the FEM+FEST Festival Director, Annette Farrell, at (707) 992-5207.

Art Submission Form
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